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Church Cleaning Services in Boise

A place of worship is more than just a place to pray — it’s also a place where people come together as a community.

Get reliable and affordable janitorial services for your church, temple, and worship facility with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Your place of worship will be a bright and shining beacon for your congregation. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated religious facility and church cleaning services designed specifically for religious spaces.

Our team of dedicated maids and janitors respect the sacred atmosphere of each institution, and we take the time to ensure that our professionalism and dedication is reflected through the smallest of details.

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Cleaning Services For Churches, Worship Centers & All Religious Facilities

We’re Religious Facility & Church Cleaning Experts.

When you hire cleaners for your place of worship, it’s important that you have faith in their experience and expertise. That’s why every professional janitor-operator has been trained, tested, and certified under the Perfectly Clean® program. This 50 hour course includes detailed protocols and standards for a range of proven cleaning processes, ensuring your place of worship receives a truly professional level of clean.

We Accommodate Your Needs & Concerns.

Our religious facility and church cleaning service makes it easy to coordinate cleaning services for any place of worship. Your local IMC Janitorial will be happy to create a custom cleaning plan for your facility, one that addresses any specific cleaning or scheduling concerns you might have. We will do our utmost to accommodate any requests, including faith-related concerns.

We Work Greener & Safer.

At IMC Janitorial, we believe that cleaning services should be safe for all people and respect the natural world. In our religious facility and church cleaning services, our cleaners use eco-friendly products and practices to reduce our environmental footprint. We also use safe and non-toxic cleaning products wherever possible to create a safer, healthier space.

We Clean the Air You Breathe.

Thanks to our ProTeam HEPA-filter vacuums, IMC cleaners literally clean the air in your facility, capturing airborne dust and irritants to improve breathability.

We Fight Bacteria & Viruses.

IMC cleaners use our exclusive GreenShield® system to combat harmful bacteria and contagious viruses. This system uses an eco-friendly, non-toxic disinfectant to wipe out 99.99% of all germs on contact.

We Specialize in Different Flooring Types.

No matter the mix of flooring types in your place of worship, your local IMC Janitorial offers the day-to-day cleaning and specialty cleaning services needed to keep them looking immaculate.

We Operate Securely & Safely.

IMC Janitorial of Boise makes it easy to recognize and identify our janitors by wearing full uniforms and ID tags while cleaning.

We Guarantee Our Services.

Religious facility and church cleaning services are backed by IMC Janitorial’s service guarantee. If we ever fall short of expectations on a cleaning, simply let us know and we’ll make it right.

Cleaning Up No Matter Your Challenges

If you have concerns about scheduling or security, we’ll work with you to make sure they’re fully addressed. And if you need special services or extra attention in your facility, we can build these into your service plan.

Our Most Popular Cleaning Services

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Commercial Cleaning

We clean a wide range of businesses, from daycare centers, to healthcare facilities, financial companies, and industrial buildings.

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We are one of Idaho's best office cleaning companies, delivering outstanding janitorial services at affordable prices since 2003.

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Carpet Cleaning

Bring commercial carpeting back to life with business carpet cleaning. Day or night, we can work around your schedule for floors, upholstery, rugs and carpets.

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